Implementing Current Educational Change Process Essay

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Analyze a Current Educational Change Process Analyzing a current educational change
The educational change I will analyze is the Ten School Program this program was implemented in The Los Angeles Unified School District. According to (2008) the one of main reason this program was to provide an instructional program and an organizational design and provide a language intensive that will redirect the pattern of poor academic achievement of African American and other students in predominately Hispanic, Black, Asian and other Non-Anglo (PHBAO) Schools also knowns as low income areas. According to the Los Angeles Unified School district "The focus for the ten school program is to demonstrate that all children can achieve their highest potential when the conditions for learning are at high standards starting with students attendance. Improve the academic achievement of TSP students in reading, math and language art,,(2008)". Below I will list the programs list of guidelines: OPTIMUM CONDITIONS FOR LEARNING  Culturally responsive instruction  Qualified teachers  Knowledgeable administrators
 Intensified instructional focus on the language development
 A professional learning community
 Engaged, knowledgeable, supportive parents. Here is a list of the
CERTIFICATED STAFF COMMITMENT FORM ● Personal and Professional Qualities ●Professional Appearance ●Regular and
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