Implementing Personalized Radiology Emr Software

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Implementing customized radiology EMR software modified to fit your practice can transform productivity and efficiency to improve both workflow and patient experiences. Paper-based systems have pain points that frustrate staff members and create bottlenecks that slow down collaboration and delay patient treatment. Making digital information available directly from an EHR patient chart encourages collaboration and informed-consultations in real-time, without waiting for printed records and films – or CDs – to be delivered via mail or courier. Connecting EMR radiology software positively impacts patient services, financial stability and compliance with MU standards. If you 're looking for solutions to streamline workflow, it 's time to …show more content…

Survey participants also reported improved quality of care for patients and fewer “inappropriate” referrals were made. 5. Pre-designed templates customized for your specialty needs reduce human errors, provide intuitive coding guidance and may reduce third-party payer denials based on insufficient documentation – saving medical staff time during face-to-face encounters without compromising patient experiences and creating opportunities to improve cash flow through more efficient administrative tasks. Benefits of Implementing an EMR Software to Your Practice Leveraging the key features in your software gives you ample opportunities to streamline efficency and reduce data entry mistakes, as pointed out above. You can also improve patient experiences by following up with referrals and save money on office expense associated with printing, copying and mailing radiology summaries. But are you aware of all the MACRA benefits? The final rule for Medicare and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) eases provider mandates by only requiring one measure be reported over a minimum 90-day interval to avoid the 2017 penalty. However, there are still some challenges for radiology specialists and other medical providers as we shift closer to value-driven health care. While you

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