Import And Export Of Beef And Meat

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IMPORT AND EXPORT OF BEEF AND MEAT Student Name: ANUJ KUMAR Student ID: CIB00002FZ SUBJECT: INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND FINANCE SUBMITIED TO: DATE: 30/03/2015 A. Companies summary 1. Import export company Brief product history, Market and its competitor: Alliance Group was established in 1948 and is based in Invercargill, New Zealand. Alliance Group is one of the world 's largest processors of sheepmeat. The group 's eight processing plants are strategically located throughout the South Island and lower North Island. Approximately 6 million lambs, 1 million sheep, 200,000 cattle and 115,000 deer are processed annually. The company is a farmer-owned co-operative with around 5,000 farmer-shareholders. More than 85% of the stock supplied to the company for processing comes from shareholders. Alliance Group produces 30% of New Zealand’s sheepmeat production, 10% of its beef production and 30% of its venison production. Nearly all Alliance Group 's sheepmeat production is exported, accounting for 15% of the world 's cross-border sheepmeat trade. From our offices in the United Kingdom, the Middle East and North America, we have forged strong links with leading retail chains. In other markets our extensive network of distributors and agencies supports our commitment to customer service. By working closely with our customers, Alliance Group continues to strengthen and develop these relationships. We believe it is fundamental to our
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