Importance And Usefulness Of Evaluating Self Esteem

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In the following article, the Importance and usefulness of evaluating self-esteem in children the authors Hosogi, Mizuho; Okada, Ayumi; Fuji, Chikako; Noguchi, Keizou; and Watanabe, Kumi focus on the child’s self-esteem. Children begin to develop their self-esteem in the environment they are raised. As the child built their self-esteem the child gains an understanding and the abilities to learn how to deal with conflict, decision making, the way they communicate, and how well they adapt in society. A child who cultivates a positive self-esteem is sheltered from a mental illness, depression, and are able to better deal with problems and stressful situations. Furthermore, the author used a variety of methods to evaluate self-esteem. Techniques used in this project were a questionnaire, self-esteem inventory, Pope’s 5 Scale Test of Self-esteem for children and kid-KINDL. Additional methods use in this research are Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Ziller Social Self-Esteem Scale, and aforementioned techniques, which is regularly use for adult and children. A large amount of information was gathered from each one of these approaches. Research shows children first learn how develop and built relationship at home. Therefore, parents play a crucial role in the child’s self-esteem. How parents treat their children influences the child’s capacity to have a positive view of oneself. Children continue to develop their relationship in their environment such as neighborhood and the

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