Importance Art Education

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HOW IMPORTANT IS ARTS EDUCATION? Some might be surprised to hear that art education goes beyond our usual conception of art. Literature, theatre, sculpture, dance, music, fine painting, and architecture are our fine arts, and what most people consider art. However, art education goes beyond this into a much broader concept called liberal arts. The liberal arts are comprised of many areas of studies that range from fine arts and humanities to natural science and some areas of mathematics. Knowing this, it is safe to say that the arts are much more than aesthetics and pure entertainment for the senses. Art education is important because, as it has been shown, it is a key factor of our daily life and our collective knowledge. Liberal arts, is not a political term as some might think. In ancient cultures liberal arts, more specifically liberal, meant that those were the studies “worthy of a free person.” (referring both to the social status as to the spirit of a person) As it has been said it is a vast collection of knowledge from different areas of study, hence it is an interdisciplinary field of study. The fine arts and design just happen to be a part of this academic field that constantly questions the world. Interpretation is its fundament; history, social studies, art, design, arithmetic, astronomy, psychology, philosophy and so forth, are just a way to interpret the universe and the events that surround us. (Dix, 2016) We all know the importance of history, as Edmund
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