Importance Of Creative Writing Poetry

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“Now class this year as part of the first semester you will be writing a collection of poetry. There will be four poems all in different genres in your collection by the end of the semester…”
Oh no. Oh no no no. I cannot write a poem. I don’t even like reading poems. How in the world am supposed to write one, no scratch that four! I can’t write four poems! With all this new information my chest started to feel tight. My mind was spinning trying to figure out how I was going to do this. How am I not going to fail this class? I cannot write poetry.
Creative Writing class: before the class. When I started my sophomore year of high school I was already ahead of the game. With two years of high school English under my belt I was ready for what was next. At first it seemed like I had two options, American Literature or British Literature. With two English classes done and the knowledge that I had two more remaining ahead of me American or British Literature did not look all that appealing. I did not love literature classes all that much. They were fine but I would much rather read for pleasure and not analyze what I read. However, I still needed two more English credits. This is when I remembered that I had some more options that were not quite as well known. I remembered that there was also a Creative Writing class that I could take. I thought that would not be just another literature class. Sure it will be challenging but it could not be too hard. It sure

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