Importance Of Electronic Discovery

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1) Why is electronic discovery not an issue in some cases?
In some cases, electronic discovery is actually a good thing when it comes to litigation. Because of electronic discovery, the law office is now becoming more green since paper documents are now being replaced by electronic files (Goldman and Hughes, 273). Since documents are now becoming electronic, someone can also search through millions of pages to find information quickly (Goldman and Hughes, 273).
3) Why is electronic discovery a process? What are the steps in the process?
Electronic discovery is a process because there are many steps in the process rather than just one single event (Goldman and Hughes, 250). The electronic discovery process first starts obtaining the documents, then filtering the documents out for relevant terms. Next, duplicate copies of the information must be removed. After that, the documents are converted into files that can be processed like other electronic files. Finally, the document is given a code in order to make locating the documents much easier (Goldman and Hughes, 273).
4) What are the issues to be considered in choosing the format in which documents are to be delivered?
There are a variety of issues that must be considered when choosing a document's format of delivery. The first issue is metadata. Metadata is information from a data set that may describe how, when and by whom a document was received from (Goldman and Hughes, 254). Having metadata in a document could result in

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