Importance Of Environmental Pollution Essay

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Nowadays environmental pollution plays a very important role in the biggest questions in our everyday life. It is easy to find there is so much trash around us even in our beautiful campus. For example, these days I usually see some cans, bottles, and some paper trash like packaging bags in my way to class. I wake up every day with a smiling face, but at the time I see them, I cannot smile anymore. I think no one can stand the green trees, the red flowers growing in the sea of the trash.
Pollution is so harmful to human beings. Polluted water can cause many kinds of diseases, such as diarrhea, enteritis, and so on. And sometimes the diseases even take man’s life. Dirty air or air-borne garbage causes stinging eyes and running nose. Pollutants are destructive. They will cause runs in stockings and crack rubber tires and they always eat away at stone and rust iron. Time and time again, there are serious accidents that polluted the air. For example, At 1986 there was a bad accident at a nuclear power station in Russia. A cloud of radiation crossed the whole Europe. It is said that 125,000 people died in Russia as a result of illnesses caused by that accident. In 1984 there was an accident at a factory in India and a dangerous cloud gas covered the town of Bhopal. Over 2,500 people were killed that night, and hundreds and thousands of people were injured. Many of the injured lost their sight, and it really dangerous, even in our imagination.
Because of the dangerous of the

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