Unhealthy Friendships : The Importance Of Friendships In Relationships

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Humans fundamentally are social animals and imperative to survival and overcoming the demands of life, have always needed each other. In the early beginnings of man, the forming of groups was necessary to ensure protection from environmental dangers. Though advancements in civilization and societies has changed the pressures faced in everyday living, humans remain social beings. Relations with others have shifted from providing physical defense mechanisms to offering support more focused on satisfying deeper psychological needs (Blieszner, 2014). Popular beliefs attribute value on relationships in order to make sense of the world and each other. Expressions of gratitude, joy, and fulfillment as products of healthy relationships aid in the reduction of uncertainty and reassure of a greater life’s purpose; asserting the idea that we live for others. Healthy friendships promote senses of belonging and meaning, enhance overall happiness, increase well being, provide emotional security, and create a space in which self actualization is encouraged and may be achieved (Mcleod, 2007). Additionally, it is beneficial to conversely recognize how unhealthy friendships can also serve a pivotal role in advancement of the self and actualization. The endurance of a negative relationship provides individual opportunity to develop emotional intelligences of mindful awareness, forgiveness, and empathy. Unpleasant experiences demand growth in order to move past them. After overcoming a broken

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