Essay about The Importance of Friends Throughout Life

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The word “friend” is a widely used term to define one’s emotional connection/relation to another person. One can have a few friends, or a large group of friends. Evidently, the word is used to describe the relationship two, or more, people can have with each other. There are a few dictionary definitions including, “one attached to another by affection or esteem”, or, “one that is of the same nation, party, or group”, and even, “a person who you like and enjoy being with.” The definition of the word can change between whatever age group one might be in.
Two toddlers can be “childhood friends” which is defined as a person that a toddler might share toys with or play games with, and possibly grow old with. As people age, the definition of …show more content…

Most adults have an average of one to four friends, whom were introduced into their lives at an early age, last few years of school, or even a previous workplace he or she worked at. Adults usually do not try to make friends at their workplace because sometimes it is a competition to either continue getting promotions or trying to achieve a better position. Thus, making the soul ingredient in a friendship trust at this age, not just constant comfort with another person. If one is scared to tell their coworker a personal fact because it could lead to blackmail, or some other threat, then he or she is unable to accept them as a friend. In fact, people put the financial security of their jobs above their “friends at work.” Therefore it is sometimes unlikely to make friends at this age, due to the insecurities created by our society.
There are plenty of theories on friends and their relationships in history, even during the years of ancient Greece. Based on my research, mix with some of my own views; I have come to realize my own definition of a friend. A friend to me is simply someone who is there to support me, spend time with me, be there for me when I am in need, being someone who I can trust with deep secrets, and make memories with enjoying their presence. At the same time, a friend to me is someone that will never turn their back on me, never attempt to hurt me, never attempt to take advantage of me, and never choose to

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