Importance Of Graduate Standard 2

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Standard 2

This page will provide information about Graduate Standard 2-Know the Content and how to teach it through evidence supporting my knowledge and professional experience about this standard.

2.1 Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area
Aside from knowing the children and how they learn, knowing the content and how to teach it is a huge part of teaching. Content knowledge is something which I am very familiar with – much of the required content is covered in subject study and some educational readings, and other while on practice itself. Over the course of my degree I have come to learn the content and applying it in the curriculum for children across age through different teaching strategies. I have used the Early …show more content…

It is critical to use learning outcomes from the EYLF and to understand how and why we use them to support our teaching and to achieve the best outcomes for children’s learning. The EYLF provide information about the key learning areas and age appropriate learning achievements. Whist in curriculum design, I noticed that learning proposal ( standard 2.3 evidence)helped me in scaffold children’s learning and articulate how to organize the learning experience for the most effective teaching of the curriculum.

2.4 Understand and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to promote reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians
All experiences and knowledge I have of promoting Indigenous and non-Indigenous reconciliation is through the workplace professional development learning and the “Welcome to Country and Acknowledge of Country) (Link evidence) published of Department of Education & Training in 2015. I also registered myself in KU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs, further equipped my knowledge of assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to access quality early education services However I hope to gain more knowledge and practice in this area through familiarity, exploring community links and reading the professional resources which are available.
( Pic KU reconciliation action

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