Importance Of ISO 9000 Identification

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Importance of ISO 9000 It is observed that that most of organizations are seeking for ISO certification , to demonstrate that they value their customers, they value quality. ISO 9000 certification is the best way of measuring progress and it is regarded as the beginning of a continuous improvement process in the organization. According to Bodinson, G.W. (Bodinson, 1991) , if any organization did not implement ISO 9000, in future , it will be difficult for that organization to sell their product and survive in the market. According to Van Der Weile , (Van Der Weile, 1997), to improve the various processes and to maintain the standard in the organization , continuous improvement is the only way. The ISO 9000 series makes it compulsory to define the key processes and make …show more content…

Owen (Owen, Dec 1986) of Lankro Chemicals provides four reasons why their company implemented Quality System Standard. They are to: (1) reduce failure (2) reduce the costs of customer claims (3) get things right the first time (4) improve service to the customer and to increase competitiveness.
All these reasons are related to TQM also. (Melivile, 1989)of GEC Plessey Telecommunication Ltd. state that their comp any chose ISO 9000 as a part of the Total Quality Improvement Programme because they want to move away from the traditional role of chasing failures, towards an attitude of prevention and for every individual to be responsible for producing good quality products and services. ISO 9000 (Nair) is seen as a route to TOM since they are complementary to one another.It shows total integration between ISO 9000 and TQM. There are three major reasons why organizations should implement ISO 9000 –
 To improve quality awareness among the employees of the organization .
 To provide standard products and services to the customers , and there by ensure customer

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