Importance Of Intercultural Sensitivity

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Sensitivity towards other cultures is essential when living in such a vast and diverse world. It is important to note that cultures are rarely the same, and the differences between cultures should be celebrated. Milton Bennett divided intercultural sensitivity into 6 distinct stages. These stages can be identified as: denial of differences, defense against differences, minimization of difference, acceptance of difference, adaptation to difference, and finally, integration of difference. The stage of intercultural sensitivity I fall under would be the fourth stage, acceptance of difference. In this stage individuals understand that there are viable differences within different cultures, but these variations in culture does not make any single culture better than another. These individuals accept that other cultures exist, however, these individuals may potentially be ignorant to the exact differences of these cultures. Additionally, these individuals view what is deemed to be good and evil is culturally defined along with particular beliefs and values. I believe that I fall under the acceptance of difference stage because I am not well educated about very many cultures. I very much acknowledge that these cultures exist within our world, but I am ultimately uneducated on many of these cultures. I do not find my culture better than another and I believe that having a great number of various cultures is a way of keeping our world an exciting world to live in. Growing up my
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