Importance Of Maintaining Professional Relationships In The Workplace

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The importance of maintaining professional relationships within pathology services will always have a significant and indirect effect towards the quality of service that the patients receive. Sustaining good working relationships within the laboratory staff and the service users can be maintained with good interpersonal skills. Communication between the laboratory team can influence the nature of a working relationship, thus simple verbal and non-verbal communication skills is essential. The ability to negotiate, solve problems, make decisions, and be assertive with good listening skills, is imperative to upholding stable working relationships and avoiding any conflict. Conflict can cause miscommunication between the staff in the …show more content…

As a biomedical scientist working in a pathology laboratory, the work that is performed is vital for helping pathologists make a better diagnosis and find the right treatment for the patients. Discussions of patient diagnosis and treatments often take place with multi-disciplinary team meetings (MDT meetings); these consist of a group of professionals from one or more clinical disciplines, who together discuss the case of the patient and make formal decisions regarding the recommended treatment pathway. The specialist doctors, registrars, nurses, consultants, and coordinators who come from a range of other professional groups, will establish from any blood and tissue samples, x-rays and scans that the patient’s diagnosis has been made correctly and accurately. For this reason, the work of a biomedical scientist will indirectly have an impact on these professional groups and the healthcare of the patient. Biomedical scientist are therefore relied upon to produce accurate work in the laboratory pathway, as any tiny mistake may be critical for the outcome of these meetings, if they are not identified. Alongside this, the workflow that the biomedical scientists must maintain in the laboratory will affect these meetings if turn-around times are not met efficiently. The work performed in histopathology is just one of many disciplines that a patient may obtain results from to form a diagnosis. A diagnosis of disease will encompass around the results from a variety of

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