Importance Of Obligatory Voting In The United States

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As one of the most developed countries in the world, the United States fails in comparison to other developed countries in regard of voter turnout. Being a country that sees itself as “the land of the free,” how can the free be truly free if they do not express their thoughts through voting for those who share similar ideologies? Other developed countries, such as Australia, have implemented mandatory voting (Document A). With other advanced countries actualizing mandatory voting, should the US follow suit? Implementing mandatory voting would mean that those who are eligible to vote in their country, must do exactly that; if one does not vote, they will face some sort of penalty (most likely a fine). In order to create a society where everyone has a say, voting in the United States should be mandatory.
Today, not every age bracket has an equal say in voting. Due to a lack in young adult voting, older age groups dominate the amount of people that vote (Document B). Unfortunately, older age groups may not be thinking far into the future in the same way young adults are, as young adults will be truly experiencing the far future. By implementing mandatory voting, young adults will become involved in their own futures and create change. Furthermore, a majority of countries with compulsory voting are highly adapted to modern society, like Belgium and Australia (Document A). With adopting obligatory voting, the United States and its citizens will be able to catch up with the

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