Importance Of Patient Assessment In Nursing

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This essay will demonstrate appropriate patient assessment and clinical decision making from physical symptoms, psychological state and social constraints and supports and its application to nursing. Clinical reasoning is regarded as the hallmark of the expert nurse. As the nurse is the first point of patient contact in patient care there is an expectation that the nurse will be in a prime position to identify when a patient is at risk or experiencing a critical event through the presentation of warning signs. If these warning signs are missed, or not managed correctly it could result in patient deterioration, to a point where suitable rescue may not be achieved (Levette-Jones et. al. 2010).
Sheila Crane is a 17 year old aboriginal university student who lives on campus. She’s had a history of asthma since she was 5 years old. On awakening, Sheila took her prescribed medication of Flixotide (2 puffs) and Salbutamol (6 puffs) with no relief of symptoms. Sheila comes to the University Health Services presenting with tachypnoea, shortness of breath, audible wheezing, and anxiety. When providing her with care it is important to dispelling racism and discrimination, addressing the social determinants of disadvantage for indigenous people, improving youth health and wellbeing through intervention and prevention strategies, recognising uniqueness and importance of aboriginal and extended family networks, and ultimately promoting public acceptance of the unique needs

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