Importance Of Service Learning In The Classroom

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This is the first hour of the required service learning. While this wasn't the start of the hands on service, this service learning training acted like a prequel. The training was inside ms. soma's classroom. Her class is set up in tables rather than the traditional single desks. looking back at her room, i believed she used that setup, to encourage discussions and collaboration. Within this training session, Ms. Tennison guided us through who and what are El students are, as well as to make the most out of our service learning. i found myself wondering "why someone who came and represented EL students, didn't come from an El background.?" I assumed that Ms.Tennison would've came from an El background, just because she was going to inform…show more content…
I presume that those el students who always been in some type of El class setting throughout high school. The powerpoint then transitions into a group sharing about what type of questions we should ask the students (both getting to know personally, and helping with class work), how to include yourself in the classroom, and how to do all of this comfortably. Some the possible question that were mentioned were "what's your favorite subject?" or "what kind of music do you like?". Possibly the most striking information of this entire presentation was the fact that we were not only encouraged but rather expected to sit with the same EL students from the class. at…show more content…
i thought to myself, "why wouldn't they just throw it away if it's expired?". we continued to search through the boxes, and ms.Helmick determined whether or not those items. I then asked her the same question as mentioned before, as to why they wouldn't just throw this stuff away? "most of these items are perfectly fine, the expiration date is more for stores and they're sell by date m if anything." she said. we continued searching throw the boxes in mostly silence. if i had any questions about the expiration dates i would ask her "is this okay?" as i showed her the box. she would either tell me yes or no. In the no cases, the expiration dates were usually so old, i found myself in disbelief that these were on the shelfs still. I Would find mac and cheese boxes as old as 2013 and even a canned soup from 2014. I assumed that those items would've been not only taken off the shelfs first by participants, because of popularity but i also assumed why wouldn't those items have been pulled off the shelf earlier than now? or donated earlier? The food shelf doesn't accept items that dated however, and they were thrown out. While going threw one the boxes i found a bag of ‘Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry Flavors.’ i remember asking where they go only to find out, "the food shelf doesn't accept candy." I remember being at disbelief. I didn't under how a high school food shelf couldn't accept candy donations. I assumed beforehand that they would
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