Importance Of Shakespeare In Schools

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Shakespeare in Schools
Shakespeare's writing has been taught to most everyone in the modern world. He was a very influential writer who changed our style of writings today in many ways. His tragedies and poems have been read and performed for nearly five hundred years. Shakespeare created an abundance of common words we use everyday such as blanket, and dawn. Who would've known? He also created his own type of writing called Shakespearean sonnets. At most schools, you read several works of his before you graduate, like Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. High Schools in America should invariably include William Shakespeare in their curriculum at least once a year. For many reasons Shakespeare is beneficial to teach to everyone at some point in their life. Most teens do not particularly like reading Shakespeare, but if they choose to comprehend it, they might like it. In the article “Why Read Shakespeare” it says, “The better you understand literature, the better you understand life”. Michael Mack is making a general statement that when you understand literature, you will like it more and you will comprehend life better as well. With this said, you can apply it to reading Shakespeare. Even if it takes a couple of times reading it to understand, you will enjoy and learn from his works if you just give it time. Also, most of the themes and emotions revealed in Shakespeare’s writings are still relevant today. Chandra Johnson said, “Like the Bible, Shakespeare’s works are full of

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