Importance Of Sport

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What is interesting about sport? Sport: small word, big concept. The purpose of this essay is to highlight what aspects of sport are interesting, further linking it to a specific discipline. There are many disciplines within sport that are interesting, however, from my point of view, sociology is the most interesting one as it gives a true picture to what sports is like within society, in addition it emphasises the significance of sport in society since the early nineteenth century (Bell, 2009). Today’s concept of sociology has changed drastically since the 1950s, as it is more diverse, in terms of theory and subject matter as it is based on more areas of today’s social life, due to the fact that there are much more fields that need …show more content…

This shows that gender inequalities appear due to the fact that women do not question their role in life because they have seen this ‘natural behaviour’ in their families, therefore they would think they have to act in the same way in order to please their husbands. Additionally, this relates to sports as in the mid-nineteenth century when organised sports were first introduced they were created by men for men (Coakley, 2017). These practical activities had developed rules and they created governing bodies that established the ideals of gender ideologies, as sport was viewed as a male territory because women seemed too weak and fragile for competitive and contact based activities, also described by Coakley, 2017. This is an interesting fact as we can see that women were marginalised in the sports world since the early centuries, this allows us to notice the fact that although nowadays women have more rights in sport they are still treated as lesser than men in any situation, and especially within this area. However, although many ideas have been changing overtime, the sports world is still male-dominated (an individual’s performance is associated with manhood, this explains why performance is sometimes described as performing like a man, or holding manly characteristics) , male-identified (men’s values within sports are recognised by the entire community which creates a manhood, hence the reason why

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