Importance Of Success In Life : My Journey To Success

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Dreams and aspirations to succeed in life must always be stronger and greater than the limitations set forth by others. The experiences that were shown to me during my life thus far has elevated me to the person I am today. I give you the opportunity to see the world from my eyes as being independent and a hard worker. The decision-making process about what you want to do with your education and career can be intimidating. Whether you are in high school or college, from my personal experience, you can go through a lot of trial-and-error when going into choosing a career your passionate about. The decision that I made for my career is Human Resource Management and it involves my love of caring/helping people, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership and science. Trying to achieve what I wanted to do is wasn’t easy - but it’s also nothing to be afraid of! Always be excited about what your future holds! Never let your fear of what could happen hold you back from doing something you love. How I came about choosing this as my journey to success is a short but interesting story. One day I was browsing the internet and I came across a nearby public event that held a contest. The contest was a simple essay and a creation of a video with other members at the public event that would show business ethics. I entered the contest with the best of my ability to win the grand prize of a free round-trip vacation plus experience in the business field. After a couple weeks went by the results

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