Importance Of Vaccinations : The Greatest Fear Of Today 's Society

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Importance of Vaccinations What’s America’s greatest fear in today’s society? Today, a person’s greatest fear is viruses because viruses are what cause infectious diseases, like HIV, Influenza, and a ton of other diseases. So that is why we use vaccinations. Many ask the questions do Vaccines work? In fact they do! Vaccines are good for a lot of different things, they promote economic growth, extend life expectancy, and they even protect people from spreading or acquiring the disease. To start off, the job of vaccines are to trigger an immune response that will build up our immunity to fight a virus, bacteria, or any germ. Centers of Disease Control (CDC) estimates that on average 732,000 American children are saved from death each year, while there were 322 million cases of childhood illnesses that were prevented during 1994-2014 due to vaccinations. In my textbook, Schneider says, “Vaccination not only keeps the individual from contracting the disease but also makes it harder for the pathogen to find susceptible hosts. In some cases, it may even be possible to completely eliminate a pathogen from the earth by eliminating the susceptibility of its potential hosts” (Schneider, 2013, p. 137). You see that control of infectious disease is an important component of public health. It is a chain of infection, which includes the Pathogen, Reservoir, Method of Transmission, and Susceptible host. The pathogen is the actual virus or bacteria that causes the disease, the reservoir

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