Importance Of Water Essay

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Importance of water
Water is an essential part of life and historical it has played several critical roles across the globe. In the United States, water symbolizes the struggle for various social, economic and political achievements which occurred decades ago. It also demonstrates imperialism used to conquer several territories and illustrate the change in environmental situations and dangers such as global warming. However, the World War II portrayed unique practices and therefore, water was used in the process of war and to start various events which changed the course of the World War II. Therefore, this paper intends to discuss the importance of water and the way it relates to the Second World War and the events which took place immediately after the world up to recent times.
The events of the Second World War were characterized by several scenes of water to launch several attacks and counter-attacks in different countries. In the book, "Give me Liberty" the author Eric Foner points that numerous attacks on enemies and allies forces were launched from the sea (56). The Japanese attacked the United States Arizona region from the sea which triggered the United States to use a defensive mechanism, and in the same note, the United States bombed Hiroshima through the ocean. Foner noted that the attack by Japanese soldiers to the United States mainland was one of the mistakes of the history of the Second World War. It is pointed that the Pacific war, which was majorly along

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