Importance of Human Resource Department

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The importance of the Human Resource Department by Ng Hui Chen, GSM
Employee is one of the most important assets of a company as they have significant influential power to the success of a company. Therefore, effective and efficient human resource management is crucial to every organization. However, the emergence of the centralized Human Resource Department (HRD) has created conflicts on whether the responsibility of human resource management should lie on line managers or HRD. The debate about the roles of line managers and centralized HRD in human resource management has been ongoing since couple of years ago (Hutchinson and Purcell, 2003). In my opinion, HRD remains as one of the important role within an organization despite the need …show more content…

HRD can step in to investigate and change the line manager’s decision.

According to Amit Bhagaria, 2010, some unscrupulous companies will run roughshod over the rights of their employees. With HRD to review and evaluate the HR policies all the times, they will ensure the rights of the employees are always secured. HR personnel are also the staff of the companies. Certainly, they wouldn’t allow the company to run roughshod over their rights as well! In this way, they have helped to improve the general staff’s well being. When the staff feels positive about the company, they will improve productivity and are also more likely to stay with the company longer.

HRD can serve as the channel of assistance or complaints to staff. Some of the human resource issues need to be tackled by third party like HRD other than the line manager. For example, a staff might decide to leave the company when the line manager declines his/her request of transfer. Staff might be retained in the company with the assistance of HRD. Apart from that, staff can also file their complaints to HRD when there are unfair treatments by line managers. Besides, HRD can assist to conduct the exit interview for staff that are leaving the company. Staffs tend to more reserve in the exit interview conducted by line manager if the reason of resignation is due to that line manager. Hence, the outcome of the

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