Important Parts Of A Cell

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The body is made up of billions and billions of cells that make up tissues that make up organs, which make up organ systems. Within those cells are organelles including but not limited to a nucleus, organelles, and cytosol. Cells are one of the most basic units of our bodies. With that being said, it is safe to say that cells are extremely important. There are many parts of a cell and many ways that a cell works. One of the most important parts of a cell is the plasma membrane. The plasma membrane is the outer surface of a cell, which is made up of things called phospholipids, which form a phospholipid bilayer. This bilayer is made up of phospholipids (75%), cholesterol (20%), and glycoproteins (5%). This bilayer is only possible due to the phospholipids being amphipathic (polar and non polar parts). Phospholipids are composed of a hydrophilic (water loving) head and 2 hydrophobic (water fearing) tails. The Plasma membrane separates the cell’s internal environment from its external environment. It also “plays a key role in communication among cells and between cells and their external environment,” (Tortora 60).
Many different proteins are located all throughout the plasma membrane. Some float around freely and others are stationary in specific locations. For example, integral proteins extend all the way through the lipid bilayer and go further into the interior of the cell. This makes them transmembrane proteins due to the fact that they go all the way

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