Impossible To Our Understanding Of What Is Meaningless

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Over time people have made the future their own by expanding human understanding of the earth, and looking beyond what is thought impossible. Although the Oxford Dictionary defines impossible as not able to exist, or be done, the word impossible can't be defined in a single definition , because the definition changes as people’s ideas change, people's beliefs change, and life in general passes on. Throughout all of humanity people have slowly become more advanced , and throughout it people have made what was thought impossible possible. If someone from the present were to go back in time and tell someone there would come a time that man could create ships that can take people to the moon they wouldn't believe it. To define something impossible now would be meaningless, taking in the fact that one day in the distant future with new thinkers and technology, new standards are set to raise the level of what is “impossible”. Although the definition states impossible as not able to exist, many …show more content…

In towns people may tend to believe in local legends and some people tend to believe in superstitions from horoscopes or from fortune tellers. Everywhere around the world people witness things and live differently, and what some people think as irrational or not possible others from halfway around the world could think differently. Cultures also change and from over time so things that people thought long ago in an area could not even be the same thing people believe hundreds of years later. One culture this includes is roman culture, because the people believed in many gods, but later converted to Catholicism. Some places can tend to believe and stay the same if the values are passed down strictly through generations. If what people think and feel is impossible changes as time continues on, it makes impossible an ever changing word that transforms along with the

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