Improvements Of The Energy Efficiency For Cloud Computing

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University of Waterloo
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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Improvements of the Energy Efficiency for Cloud Computing Self Study

Yuhan Wu
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Nowadays, with the development of technology, the demand for high speed computing for the computers increases significantly. Cloud computing is the most emphasized Information and Communications Technology (ICT) which can effectively implement high speed computing [1]. Most common products that people used in their daily life such as cloud drive and Google search are based on cloud computing, therefore it is necessary to
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The high rotation speed will cause not only the dramatic increase of temperature but also the loud noise. The low energy efficiency of HDDs is due to the heat loss which is caused by high temperature, and the friction in mechanical content of discs and air. As for the SSD, the data will be stored in the flash chip through the channel of transistors, so it does not require rotating [4]. It can save a massive range of energy which HDDs will lose when HDDs are rotating. It is extremely energy efficient to use SSDs in ICT equipment because the demand for writing or reading data is increasing dramatically. The drawback is that the price of SSDs is much higher than that of HDDs, so the SSD is difficult to be widely used until the price is reasonable. In addition, improving the energy efficiency of cooling system is also effective [5]. To be specific, it is important to use “right-sizing” cooling system, which can automatically adjust the power of cooling system [5]. The temperature for ICT equipment is variable, therefore the cooling system can increase the power while the temperature is high. On the contrary, the cooling system can decrease the power while the temperature is low. To successfully implement “right-sizing” cooling system, the data center operators should take additional methods to measure the temperature [5]. Thirdly, the energy efficiency of server processors is also helpful for reducing energy consumption
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