Improving Agriculture For Self Reliance Kim

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Although Tanzania implemented different plans, including the five year plan to improve agriculture for self-reliance Kim (1986) for uplifting the poor, it might be said too that the country suffered from internal and external calamities plus the external debt crisis (Wade, Mwasaga, & FJ Eagles, 2001; Sarkar, 2011, Sitta, 2010). The country became one of the indebted countries. Adding to that the war between Tanzania and Uganda in 1978-79 froze millions of dollars from Tanzania (Vavrus, & Moshi, 2009; Mkapa, 2010), pushing the country into economy turmoil. Poverty increased, creating rationing on social needs, and people lined up to acquire their basic needs. In the same way, the global oil price increase in the 1970s, between 25-30% added a poverty disarray (Kim, 1986; Hope, 2007; Mkapa, 2010) in the country. The crisis coincided with the country’s villagelization policy plan implementation in the early 1970s, making the implementation even worse, more costly and propped to collapse. On top of that, the Neo liberal capitalist controlled and enjoyed low product price from poor countries in the international market (Sarkar, 2011). Coffee, which was the main export for Tanzania fell to 10%, and hence the market calamity pressured the government to cut down industrial plan for 50% (Kim, 1986). The unfair International market trade against African nations (Collie, & Gunning, 1999), the increased currency devaluation (Nyerere, 1985; Cronin, 2014), trade restrictions, and high…

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