Improving Blood Circulation Research Paper

Satisfactory Essays - Myotherapy for Improved Blood Circulation

Myotherapy is a combination of massage and other techniques that relaxes and heals the body in a number of different ways, including increasing blood circulation. The myotherapist analyses each patient before taking action to ensure that he or she works on the specific trigger points that will alleviate the patient's tension, pain or other issue. At times, patients have an injury that requires attention to speed healing in the area in order the patients to be able to return their normal lives. Our topic today is on the fact that you can rely on myotherapy for improved blood circulation.

How Myotherapy Increases Blood Flow

As the myotherapist massages the necessary trigger points, the muscles release their tension, and this in turn relaxes the veins and arteries that transport the blood to and from the heart and other parts of the body. The therapist is then able to move the blood through the area with his or her
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The cells require these elements to perform their functions in the proper manner. On top of this, when an injury is present, it often requires an additional supply of these elements in order to heal properly. A series of myotherapy sessions keep the blood flow at optimal levels for healing.

• Since the myotherapy relaxes even the heart muscles, your blood pumps through your body at a normal rate, which results in lowering your blood pressure. This reduces your risk of heart problems along with other health issues.

• Your thinking will be clearer when the rate of your blood circulation increases since it will deliver oxygen and other vital elements to your
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