Improving Consistent Communication With Management, And The Client

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The main objective of the report is to ensure consistent communication with management, and the client in order to ensure that there is consistent communication with both parties. This inculcates the meaning of understanding the requirements of the project as it is developed. It also creates a chance for the development metrics to be analyzed whole by the entire team as a means of ensuring that they are completely followed. Every aspect must, therefore, be reliant on the professional viewpoint based on the objectives and the considerations of product.
Technical Review
From the previous set of constraints, the report focuses on ensuring that the product is produced based on the required definitions from the client. The constraints focused …show more content…

The cost should not exceed $ 20 for the materials, which will also inculcate a $ 6.3 for the labor costs. The product also covers the strain of accomplishing specific set objectives that are layered on safety. This involves the heavy base which can carry heavy load, and also sustain outside natural disasters. The product is made of cardboard, magazine and plastic wrap which is used to act as a reinforcing cover against rains and heat from the sun. the product can allow the client to procure voluminous products based on the requirements.
Design Description
The product is made with a thick base as a means of comfort for the dog. This is also aimed for the safety prospect, where the house can contain up to 30 lbs. which consists of dog weight and the food for the dog. It is also subject to continuous cleaning. It enhances the depictions of the product towards fulfilling a part of the customer requirements. The roof extends to the outside with a uniform margin in order to induce balance and safety. This is also meant to protect the dog during the rainy and the sunny season. There is a coating of newspaper and plastic wrap round and over the cardboard in order to maintain the warm and consistent temperatures inside the dog house. The entrance is made of wood and has a spacing which will act as a ventilation for the safety of the

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