Improving Critical Thinking Skills For Elementary Students

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Improving Critical Thinking Skills in Elementary Students Amber Lynn Taylor COE 501-Introduction to Research and Evaluation in Education Summer 2015 Dr. Pamela Hodges Kulinna Improving Critical Thinking Skills in Elementary Students It is essential for students in elementary school to acquire the skills that will allow them to be better critical thinkers. School and Classroom Context My school starts at K4 (having the ability to educate 4 year old students in Kindergarten) and continues to educate children through their 12th year through a virtual charter school out of Pennsylvania. There are 10,389 students enrolled. Of those, 9% are American Indian/Alaska, 1.2% are Asian, 8.2% are African American, 2.7% are Hispanic, 4.5% are Multi-Racial, 83% are White, and 0.6% are Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander. Out of our students, 53.5% are female and 46.5% are male. We currently have 2.5% of our students being served in a gifted program. Our dropout rate is at 3.5% which I believe to be fairly good considering many students come to us after dropping out of their original school. We serve 0.07% as English language learners and 14.57% receive Special Education Services. Overall we have an economically disadvantaged percentage of 24. We do offer Title 1 services to students that are in need. Currently, 100% of our classes are taught by highly qualified teachers in their field. Our school has not done so well in particular in the areas of

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