Improving Student Attendance At School

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Improve Student Attendance at School
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Foundations of Educational Research
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Brenda J. Anderson Abstract
Keeping students in class may help protect them from engaging in delinquent behaviors and facilitate learning through increased exposure to instruction (Sheldon, 2007). Researchers have sought out how to increase student attendance. Programs that were associated with improved student attendance include (a) creating smaller schools or learning communities (McPartland, Balfanz, Jordan & Legters, 1998); (b) connecting students to school business partners; and (c) increasing school-home communications (Epstein & Sheldon, 2002; Helm & Burkett, 1989). This literature review will discuss how
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Poor attendance can have long term consequential effects for students and society, in general.
For the student, dropping out of school can mean an increased likelihood of unemployment, dependency on welfare, and incarceration. Furthermore, for society, high dropout rates translate into higher taxes to provide services with concurrent loss of potential revenue from gainful employment. Persistent absence from school has negative consequences, both for truants themselves and society, which include lawbreaking activity and the tendency for truants to suffer significant problems in their later adult lives. To date there has been no single solution to resolve truancy despite much good professional practice and effort (Center on Education Policy & American Youth Policy Forum, 2001; Reid, 2000).
As an educator to high school and adult students, I frequently must work with students to improve their attendance. Given the possible outcomes for absenteeism, the purpose of this literature review is to investigate strategies to increase student attendance. More specifically, how can educators improve student attendance?
In regards to the research question, How can educators improve student attendance, ERIC, EPSCO Host, and JSTOR databases were utilized to search related terms so that peer-review and journal articles can be used to write this paper. Such terms are, student attendance,
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