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Not every student is able to receive 100% attendance throughout the year. Whether it is because of work, because of a child, because of sports, or because of an emergency student will always have an extra something on their plate making school difficult. eCampus ultimate success will fall down to if you are willing to make extra profit while also helping students to succeed.

Background eCampus is a pretty simple concept, its name stands for itself. eCampus stands for ‘Electronic Campus’. Basically eCampus is a virtual campus that is accessible to almost every student. It is an online based, tool to help with learning and is also an electronic community center. It is a way for students and professors to
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Courses will only be available to students that have the proper prerequisites if they are required.
The instructor must have basic skills with a computer.

Student Requiremetns:

Must pay for course upfront during registration period.
Must have the proper prerequisites if they are required.
Must have a valid blackboard ID. Ex: Username and Password.
Must have basic skills with computer.
Any absences of course or assignments failed to be turned in are 100% students responsibility unless proven otherwise.

This is a full-proof idea that will not only benefit Wake Tech financially but also benefit its students significantly. The numbers above, even though they are few, show profit almost instantly. This is the one and main reason why Wake Tech should use eCampus.

As for the students benefits, eCampus is essential not only for convenient course but other great features as well. Here are some examples of what you’ll find on eCampus: announcements from your professors chat rooms course content course syllabi library resources news media resources online courses personal calendar that synchs with your handheld electronic device


Through its simplicity and convenience, eCampus continues to thrive in Universities and Community Colleges all over America. Its role in campus life, even though virtual, is vital to most students success and goals.

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