Improving The Accessibility Of Education For Disabled Children

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COMMITTEE: Special Conference on ‘Equal Chances’- Sub Commission 1
ISSUE OF: Improving the accessibility of education for disabled children
MAIN SUBMITTER: Morocco Deeply emphasizing the fact that there are more than one billion people around the world, of whom nearly 93 million are children, live with some form of disability,
Concerned about the inequalities persons with disabilities experience in their daily lives causing them to have fewer opportunities to access a quality education that takes place in an inclusive environment due to societies’ misperception of different forms of disability and the limited capacity of social actors to accommodate special needs often place people on the margin,
Guided by Article 73 of the United Nations (UN) Charter which states that Member States have the duty to ensure educational advancement and Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that 8 “everyone has the right of education” and that this right must be upheld,
Further reminds the incentives that United Nations Children 's Fund (UNICEF) has been giving in terms of education, specifically within its child-to-child approach program, and the positive effects they have managed to achieve ,
Deeply regretting the fact that 98% of the children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend schools,
Alarmed by the statistics that show, 500,000 children every year lose some part of their vision due to vitamin A deficiency and 41 million babies are
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