Improving The Corporate Team And Dine Out Team

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When it comes to researching prospective donors, I work hard and diligently to uncover any verified information I can about the donors while still using my time effectively to meet the sometimes tight deadlines and avoid ‘falling down the rabbit hole’. Because of my dedication and critical thinking, I was able to complete the bulk of the research requests independently during the summer while still completing my other daily tasks and backup assigned tasks.
Frequently I pull online donation reports from Convio that require manipulation and proper coding before they are imported into Rasier’s Edge. Utilizing critical independent thinking, I am able to determine the proper coding for the gifts and then successfully import them into Rasier’s Edge. Because of my diligence with coding, I am able to pull reports that successfully track the progress of a variety of different campaigns and initiatives for the Corporate team and Dine Out team.

Teamwork/Team Building
This year I gained four new teammates and helped each of them adjust into their new roles while making sure they felt like they are a valued part of the Donor Ops teams. Taking the initiative, I am currently training our two newest teammates on how we use Raiser’s Edge and explaining to them all of our different processes. Going further, I on boarded our newest hire, Anna, who comes from outside the organization by frequently making her feel welcomed at the Share Our Strength and on our team.
The responsibilities of my
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