Improving The Sustainability Of Coffee

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By the day millions of people drank coffee during the beginning of the day, trying to get a wake up into their system; or late at night to hang on to finish an assignment or not try to fall asleep during work. Now that coffee is gaining more popularity and known for being a part of our culture in several countries. Should our country need to improve the sustainability of coffee? For the person who drinks coffee every day, they treat as a need resource such as oil and food. Coffee has it benefits for both the producers and consumers, and also some problems from the workers and environment. To improve the coffee sustainability, it has to start of where the coffee is grown even if it is not from our area. We could at least support the company and workers by buying coffee products from not only at home, but also for in college and work area.

In every morning, we have the struggle to wake up and get to work for the whole day. Fortunately, there are products such as coffee makers and coffee grounds/beans to brew it at home. Having coffee at home is the fastest and easier way to get up, take a sip, and onward to the day. However, with all the waste, people chuck down towards the garbage can without thinking twice leading more landfills. From the most known coffee company, Keurig Green Mountain, produced K-cups that made brewing easy by inserting the product into the coffee maker and let it serve for a few minutes till it’s finished. All that is left is just the cup. In the James

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