In An Rsa Video, Brené Brown On Empathy, Brené Explains

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In an RSA video, Brené Brown on Empathy, Brené explains that “Empathy fuels connection, sympathy drives disconnection.” Theresa Wiseman, a nursing scholar in 1996, studied professions where the relevancy of empathy was crucial and developed the following four qualities of empathy: 1. Perspective adoption — the ability to take the perspective of another individual or recognise their perspective as their truth. This requires putting our issues and perspectives aside to see the situation through their eyes. 2. Being non-judgmental — the ability to set aside one’s beliefs or principals to assist another in their situation. The judgement of another person 's situation discounts the experience and is an attempt to protect ourselves from the …show more content…

However, the spectator might draw comparisons between how he/she handled the situation in the past and how the character handles the situation in the present, which could cause tension and unwarranted judgment. Something which must be avoided according to Wiseman’s four qualities. Presently, society is quick to judge an individual or their situation. It is easier for a spectator to set aside their judgment for the duration of a film or to suspend their belief even for a moment, in order to assess the situation a character is in before making a judgment on them particularly when a character does not fit a certain mould. Spectators are more willing to wait and see how a character develops before they give them a final judgment. In reality, this is not the case because an individual will, more often than not, judge another individual on face value rather than waiting to gain a complete understanding of the situation. This brings up the idea that spectators are controlled less by their superegos while being a spectator. A spectator is more accepting of anomalous and fictitious characters than what they are of real individuals who are seen by society as non-conformist. In some ways, being a spectator could be seen as a shield from the judgment of others, others who cannot be empathetic towards the plights of those who they perceive as anomalous. The ability to

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