In Psychology, Nature Versus Nurture Is One Of The Oldest

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In psychology, nature versus nurture is one of the oldest arguments in human development. In F. Scott Fitzgerald 's novel, The Great Gatsby, the author portrayed how money was the difference between a poor man, George Wilson, and a wealthy man, Tom Buchanan. The novel explored the differences in wealth nurtured tendencies versus nature predominant actions, displayed in how the men showed their disrespect toward women, violent dispositions, and attitudes toward infidelities, which occurred within their marriages. Wilson tended to have a better sense of mortality, but was not respected by others. In contrast, Buchanan was a man who ignored common principles and demanded respect even when it was not owed. Fitzgerald revealed to us that human …show more content…

This revealed his deeper selfishness and drive to dominate those around him. While the money involved in their lives created those indifferences, the true nature of both men was also revealed in their actions. Wilson, regardless of being treated poorly by Myrtle, showed he still honored his vows and the sanctity of his marriage.In contrast, Buchanan’s actions showed that he did not respect his wife, Myrtle, or societal expectations as a whole. Both men showed traits of being violent and impetuous. By nature, Buchanan was a manipulative person who wanted to keep what he felt was his. Through wealth and experience he knew he could use Wilson to assist him with reaching his desires.Buchanan sought to rid himself of Gatsby, the man his wife had become infatuated with. Buchanan informed Wilson it was Gatsby who owned the yellow car which struck and killed Myrtle. As Buchanan hoped, Wilson, out of anger, confusion, and ignorance, instantly hunted down Gatsby. Without questioning the situation, or allowing Gatsby to explain himself, he shot the antagonist then turned the gun and killed himself.To express the pure absurdity of the situation, Fitzgerald had Nick state, “the gardener saw Wilson’s body a little way off in the grass, and the holocaust was complete” (Fitzgerald 162). Wilson allowed his violent, impetuous nature to overcome common sense when he killed Gatsby for

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