In The Journal, Teaching Math To Young Children, It Stated

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In the journal, Teaching Math to Young Children, it stated 5 recommendations on teaching preschoolers and Kindergarteners math. The journal went in depth on each recommendation. In recommendation 4 it describes ways of teaching early learners how to view and describe their world mathematically. Three main points they noted were that teacher’s should intertwine math ideas to familiar experiences, introduce math vocabulary while linking familiar meanings with math terms, and using open- ended questions to assist children in applying their understanding on math. What is the purpose of teachers intertwining math ideas to familiar experiences, terms, or analogies? When a child’s age ranges from 3 to 6 they most likely will not have a good …show more content…

An example is the words “more” and “fewer” can be used in many different topics and scenarios than just math related topics and activities. So an educator can use this to their advantage when teaching their students these terms such as during when a child is standing in line she/he can use the terms used in math “first” and “last” or by asking questions like “who in the picture is “older” and “younger” while they draw a picture of their family. Some other examples for correlating familiar ideas, vocabulary, and procedures to formal symbols are “counting” for numerals, +, - for operations, = for equal, and for unequal. Some examples when doing everyday tasks in class are have the children count the number of children in attendance, or have them problem solve involving subtracting and adding with objects such as leaves collected from the playground or any object of choice. Using the everyday classroom tasks to teach math is concepts is key. Third, what is the purpose of using open- ended questions to encourage children to use their knowledge in math? Using open- ended questions help children to use their skills mentally and their language skills. It allows children to think through their own thoughts and actions

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