In The Mixed Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

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Every character in a book has a overall mission that they under take. Some of the missions can be dangerous others can be easily solved with common sense but the mission is what makes the main character of the book. I have chosen 3 characters to tell how they undertook their mission and what drove them to undertake the mission, no matter how hard or easy it was. In the book, In the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, Claudia undertook the mission of running away from home (but coming back after a short time) along with her brother James. It was one hard journey because of all the planning that Claudia made.In the text it says, ”’ I’ve decided to run away from home, and I’ve chosen you to accompany me.’ said Claudia” (Konigsburg page. 15). Claudia was determined to undertake this mission because she was tired of arguing about whose turn it was to choose the TV show, of injustice, and monotony of everything. She was certain to come back after everyone in her family how to learn a lesson in Claudia’s appreciation.In the text it says, ” A reason that had to do with the same list of each and every week. She was bored with simply being straight A’s Claudia Kincaid. She was tired of arguing about whose turn it was to choose the Sunday night 7:30 television show, of injustice, end of the Monotony of everything.” (Konigsburg page. 13). Claudia was quite successful on her Mission to run away from home. In fact, she even accomplished another bigger problem in the story
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