In The United States Of America, American Citizens Have

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In the United States of America, American citizens have the constitutional right to vote. The American people have this voting right to express their freedoms and their beliefs in a political system that fairly expresses the majority of the population 's vote in an electoral college system. The state of Ohio’s voting requirements requires a person to be a resident of the state, a United States citizen, not to have been “permanently disfranchised for violations of election laws”, and to be 18 years of age with no felony convictions (Ohio Voter Reg. 1). The state of Ohio also states that “ You have not been declared incompetent for voting purposes by a probate court.” (Ohio Voter Reg. 1). The Ohio voter is not required to be proven of…show more content…
In the Mississippi Voter Application Form and Literacy Test, it states “write in the space below a reasonable interpretation (the meaning) of the section of the constitution of Mississippi which you have just copied” (Mississippi Application 1). It was created to completely disenfranchise black voters, especially in the southern states where African-American literacy rates were extremely low. During the United States slavery era, African Americans either did not have access of did not have the opportunity to learn to become either more literate or even literate to some distinct standard of just being able to begin to learn how to read or write. African Americans were seriously repressed in physical and mental means during slavery. When the slaves were freed after the Civil War, they were granted the right to vote shortly after. African American schools had just started to open, churches were doing everything in their power to place African Americans in positions of power and education, but a large number of African Americans were still not literate enough to pass the unjustifiable literacy tests. How would the officials justify that knowing this information was necessary for voting? The officials used it to prove competence in the ability to vote, but it was really only used to eliminate/disenfranchise
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