In The World, It Is Hard To Sometimes Hard To Balance Life

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In the world, it is hard to sometimes hard to balance life between things that don’t involve work and things that involve your work. At-Will Employment is a contractual relationship between an employee and an employer that allows dismissal for any reason without just cause. The idea of at-will employment originated in 1877 with Horace Gray Wood. Horace Gray Wood dealt with master and slave relations. The question with at-will employment becomes is it ethical to let an employee go based on non-work difficulties. The ethical decision that is being examined is “Is it ethical for a manager to terminate an employee whose performance has markedly declined non account of dealing with non-work personal difficulties?” The at-will doctrine is …show more content…

There are many stakeholders in each ethical decision. A stakeholder is defined as any individual or group who can effect or be effected by achievement of an organization or practices. These stakeholders are interested in the moral impacts of the situation. In the case of at will employment there are four primary stakeholders and many secondary stakeholders. In each case there are harms, benefits, rights exercised and rights denied. The main primary stakeholder in this ethical decision is the employee. The employee is effected by this decision because they are the one whose job is at stake in the end. The benefits of an employee being terminated are that if they have an issue in their life that is permitting them from performing their best, it may give the employee time to find a solution to the problem. It also may give them a chance to start work with a new employer and get off on a better foot. In the employee’s case, the harms outweigh the benefits. A harm of a person being terminated is that they lose an income. If the employee is terminated they no longer have any money to be supported by. This would cause a great financial harm to the employee. This may also cause a harm to a person’s identity. Some people find their identity in their job. If a person is let go, they may think they didn’t perform right or something is wrong with besides the idea of their non-work issues interfering with their

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