In the era of “gotcha” politics, a scandal is sometimes inevitable for many politicians. Many

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In the era of “gotcha” politics, a scandal is sometimes inevitable for many politicians. Many reporters snoop around the lives of these politicians rumored to have done something worthy of a scandal in hopes of becoming the next Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. This has led to many politicians becoming involved in “scandals” that are not true scandals but an attempt from the reporter to become known as the person who broke the scandal and brought a big politician down. However, more times than not, scandals involving politicians materialize into full blown scandals that require mass media attention and deep investigation from the authorities. These scandals include financial, political, or sex in nature and more times than not, the sex…show more content…
Weiner also said that he could not say confidently that the photo was not of him and suggested that the photo might be doctored saying “Maybe it started out being a photograph of min but it was taken out of context” (Epstein 2011). Congressman Weiner did not ask the FBI or US Capitol Police to investigate the matter but he did hire a private security firm to look into the incident because he felt it was a prank, not a crime. To come to Weiner’s defense, many liberal bloggers accused Wolfe and Breitbart of planting the photo and message as part of a scheme to tarnish Weiner’s career. According to the New York Times, evidence later revealed that a group of self-describe conservative had been monitoring Weiner’s communications with women for three months and that they created two fake identities of underage girls to solicit communication with the congressman (Preston 2011). The conservative group reported a tweet made by a seventeen year old Delaware girl that prompted the police to question the girl and her parents. Congressman confirmed having communications with the girl but denied having sent inappropriate messages. The parents stated that the content was not inappropriate and when the police checked the messages on the girl’s computer, it was confirmed that Weiner’s communications with the girl were not salacious.
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