The Mistakes Of Hester Prynne And Monica Lewinsky

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Public humiliation has changed immensely weighing heavily on the creation of the internet introducing the idea of online cyberbullying as opposed to scaffolding in a town square. As modern society revels in putting people on a public pedestal, the scaffold that Hester Prynne is put onto marks her as no longer a person with feelings, just as a negative figure people look upon to make themselves feel higher. After the news broke of Monica Lewinsky’s scandal, people no longer recognized her as a young adult who makes mistakes, but was treated like a person with no emotions and incapable of being affected by her mistakes. As the story went on throughout the internet, she was only represented as a person through the mistake she made just as Hester Prynne was recognized for the crime she committed. Publicly shaming Hester Prynne and Monica Lewinsky is and was a way for people to make themselves feel better and place themselves higher in society.…show more content…
For example, teenagers do not understand the affect a small text during driving can have until the car crashes or someone gets hurt or even dies. Because most perpetrators did not know Monica Lewinsky or did not know Hester Prynne personally, it becomes less of an issue being that one is just adding onto the public opinion or conversation. Unfortunately, in modern society, there is not a way to stop the public shaming or cyberbullying, but for a person to experience the pain or just have sympathy towards the person can help understand the effect of being put onto a scaffold and the consequences of dehumanizing a
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