Incompetent Cervix Case Study

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Incompetent Cervix • Condition: insufficient cervix with leads to pregnancy complications • Cause: trauma, uterine abnormalities, history of cervical biopsy, previous premature rupture of membranes, diethylstilbestrol • Risk factors: previous diagnosis of cervical incompetence, congenital conditions, cervic trauma, past D&C • Signs and symptoms: backache, mild abdominal cramps, vaginal discharge change, light vaginal bleeding, and a sensation of pelvic pressure • Labs to monitor: amniocentesis and transvaginal ultrasound • Treatments: progesterone supplements, cervical cerclage, cervical pessary, steroids • Interventions: 1. Caution pt from strenuous activity 2. Advise pt on restricting sexual activity 3. Advise pt on regular follow ups 4. Evaluate
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