Increasing Parent Collaboration Analysis

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As former Governor of Arizona, Jane D. Hull once stated, “At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents” ( Hull’s words are filled with truth, especially within the world of early childhood education and special education.
Unfortunately, as educators we often find ourselves thinking, “there is only some much we can do”. Although educators are with the student’s the majority of their days and can offer guidance and resources to parents, there does come a time that collaboration between the teacher and parent is necessary. The key to a successful collaboration is an open communication with frequent interactions. Meaning, simply greeting parents every
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Parents can become more involved in their child’s learning and gain valuables ideas from teachers on how to help and support their children. Teachers benefit by learning more about students' needs and home environment, ultimately helping with instruction and meeting student’s needs. Lastly, the students benefit as well. Increasing parent-teacher interactions helps increase their motivation for learning, improve behavior and have a more positive attitude about school in general, ultimately raising student’s academic achievement levels.
Problem Statement
What is the problem? Interactions between parents and teachers are decreasing.
Magnitude of the problem: Causing forty percent of students within the Universal Pre-Kindergarten class to regress academically.
Where is the problem? Bushwick United Early Learn Program
Why is it important? Lack of parent-teacher interactions affect students school readiness skills for Kindergarten.
Statement of the Problems Impact on
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How does positive parent-teacher interactions affect a student’s academic achievement? Literature Review
When trying to determine which form of date collection would most accurately fit the writer’s action research she felt it was best to use multiple forms to enhance her inquiry. While doing so the writer felt she gained different viewpoints by utilizing different strategies. The author also felt she benefitted more from using different forms of data collection because it helped strengthen her argument. The term for the use of multiple forms of data collection is known as “triangulation” (Dana & Yendol-Hoppey, p.112, 2009).

Data Collection Procedures

The following data collection methods were used to address the research question:

1. Observation of students during the duration of the school year. The observer will specifically examine the student’s academic progress through informal observations.

2. Evaluation of initial and final Pre-School Brigance Screener scores to compare before and after progress of academic progress.

3. A questionnaire provided to parents to determine how often and how effective their communication with teaching staff
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