Independent Contractors – Team Work and Performance Management

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Independent Contractors – Team work and Performance Management Many organizations are open to various ways of acquiring resources for their projects; using existing employees, hiring new employees, hiring contract resources or perhaps outsource part or the entire project. Right resources are not always available to the PM within the organization and will often look to hire from outside. Moore (2007, p.6) informed that globalization, advances in communication and technology, and many baby boomers entering retirement age are some of the reasons why organizations do prefer to use independent contract resources especially for specific projects or certain organizational challenges. A PM acquires team members for a project; builds and develops…show more content…
❖ Excluded from accessing vital project information: Despite the fact that project managers want hired contractors to work with other team members seamlessly, they do not want them to have certain information because ideally “they are not part of the team” Barley & Kunda (2004). This notion or action could exclude independent resources from getting along well with the project team since they are aware they are deliberately shut off or starved of necessary information to work with. ❖ Focussed on their personal ambitions and may not be interested in team work: Hired independent contractors see themselves as very valuable people due to the skills they possess and many of them have personal ambitions on just delivering on what they were asked to do solely, not working as team to achieve success together. Often times, they work alone to achieve results so they will remain relevant to the project superior to others. Such actions hinder team building and diminish interdependence that is vital in a cohesive and high performing team. There is less control of their activities and how they want it done (Dunlap & Girvin 2009, p.14) ❖ Envy from employees who think they earn less: Often times, hired contractors earn far more than organization employees for same work they do on a project. Although some company employees may not be ignorant of the reason why they earn more, they feel bad and disheartened that they do
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