Strengths And Weaknesses Of Primerica Model

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• Largest independent financial services marketing organization in North America
• Partnership with 17 companies
• Make house calls
• Hours available 24/7*
• 124,000 licensed life insurance representatives
• 24,000 licensed securities representatives
• Low startup cost
• Low over head
• No payroll
• Home office
• Use of technology to upload applications instantly
• Paid within 3 days
• Override income
• Residual income
• Great part time opportunity while working your job
• No quotas
• Set own hours
• Opportunity to own your book of business
* Independent agents make their own hours and can sit at time agreed upon with client

• Anyone can join, flooding the market
• Training: no formal college education all hands on training
• Find own clients
• Commission pay only
• No national advertising

• Middle class market is under served and that is who Primerica helps
• Technological advance allowing for more remote work at time convenient for all
• Other organizations downsizing to stay within their margins
• Other organizations raising their rates

• Regulations have made it more difficult to operate without raising rates
• Competitor potentially adapting the Primerica model
• Volatility of the stock market

The SWOT analysis aided in determining what strengths and weakness each Independent Contractor must observe closely in order to remain on a successful path. As well as which opportunities and threats may present themselves in the future.
Primerica's unique business model

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