Individual Analysis for Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

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Engstrom Auto Mirror plant, as a privately owned business, it manufactured mirrors for trucks and automobiles. The managers aimed to increase productivity for sustainable development of the company. Back in 1998, to pursue highly productivity, the plant was redesigning its production lines to incorporate new technology, however, the transition was not smooth, some problems had emerged, such as the staffs' moral and efficiency declining and the internal contradictions being intensified between the managers and employees. As the result of it, the previous manger resigned in 1998. After that, the new manager, Ron Bent believed in the power of worker incentive programs and wanted to establish one at Engstrom. Eventually, the plant adopted the…show more content…
According to my analysis, the problems are distrust between the managers and employees and unfairness of rewards between the employees and supervisors. In order to keep productivity and profitability of the plant, it should resolve the issues urgently before the situation deteriorated further. I recommend the option two is better for Bent to deal with these problems for the plant. Firstly, communication is the most important factor that affects the relationship between managers and employees. If the managers could listen advices of the work in time from their employees, it not only will be more easier to handle the existing problem in the company, but also will improve the relationship between managers and employees because the staff feel the company takes, to respect and to trust them, feel oneself is in enterprise's one, and they can have the confidence and the sense of responsibility for the development of their company. Secondly, it is to give the appreciation by managers to employees frequently that will improve the employee morale because they will feel more attached to their company. As the result of this, employees will devote to their work without any complaint. Consequently, because of the improvement of relationship and employee morale, the efficiency and productivity of company will improve with the efforts of all staff and give them corresponding reward. Although the first option is probably to resolve the crisis
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