Individual Reflective Report

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Student ID – 7432227 Mr Lee Webster MSEC31131 - Individual Reflective Report Word Count (excluded references & appendix) - 1988 Contents 123456Introduction Case Study 1 Case Study 2 Conclusion References Appendix – Learning Diary 6.1 - Week 1 6.2 - Week 2 6.3 - Week 3 6.4 - Week 4 6.5 - Week 5 1 1. Introduction I am currently studying Computer Science with Business and Management at The University of Manchester, . I decided to take Enterprise Management for Computer Scientists due to a peer’s recommendation, who explained that this was not a conventional Computer Science course unit. This intrigued me as I feel that the majority of my units throughout university are ultimately tailored to just passing the exam; rather than…show more content…
Already it has changed the way in which I am conducting my project and a critical analysis of a company's marketing campaign within another unit. Throughout the workshop I think I applied myself well with regards to information gathering, although findings of other students did make me think that I could perhaps have researched the topic area with a little more vigour to gain a greater understanding of the market as a whole, and the potential reward or liability on attempting to penetrate it. 3. Case Study 2 “Adding Value” Case study two was focussed around the company Innocent Drinks and in particular how the company utilises different aspects of its company to add value to it. Innocent Drinks began as a stall at a small music festival in 1998; from its humble beginnings, it now lays claim to an impressive 63% share of the £111m UK smoothie market. Strong brand values seem to be at the epicentre of the company’s success, and despite being Britain’s fastest growing company within the food and drink industry, Innocent Drinks have been able to maintain their trust with employees and customers. With little research I was able to find out that some Innocent smoothies contain more sugar per 100ml serving than Coca Cola does. Giving the current ‘healthy’ eating craze is may seem a little peculiar that both these companies are thriving in their respective markets, why is this? Ultimately it’s down to their brand, but what exactly is a brand? One way to perceive it is
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