Individualistic Theories Of Tamara Samsonova

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Based on the case study that been given, I have choose the case study number 5. I have been chosen the “Individualistic Theories” as the major theories that can explained why such crime or deviant occured. Other theory /theories also included in this case study as these other theories also have related and could support and explained the argument to the related case study.
The crime that been occured in this case is related to the Tamara Samsonova, 68 years old woman who called as ‘Granny Ripper’ because she have been kill many of peoples. Not only killing the victims, she also been suspected may have eaten the limbs and lungs of her victims after murdered them. This murderer was arrested on July 26
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Samsonova also being the main suspect of murdering her own husband who was been missing since 2005. The police have found and discovered diary documenting her killings and the recording ordinary day-to-day activities. The diaries contained document 10 killings but police in Rusia have said they are yet to determine how much of her writng is fact or just her fantasy. The media has dubbed the woman as “Babushka Yaga” from the fairy tale character while the murders have been refered to as the “ Nightmare on Dimitrova Street”.

Crime is a wrong against society proclaimed by law and, if committed under certain circumstances, and punishable by society. The violation of society formally enacted criminal law. Becker (1963) has suggested that we call the people who involved in these activities as a ‘moral entrepreneurs’. Based on this crime case study, we can identify and related the case with the Individualistic theories. According to Cesare Lombroso (1870) theories , he state that there are individuals who classified as a born as criminals or "born criminal" based on their behaviour and background.
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According to his theories which known as the theory of psychoanalysis. This theory basically analyze the structure of human mind through several aspects, one of involves the stages of human consciousness and the division of the human mind structure. In this theory, Freud claimed that there are existence of the original power so called “innate force” that is supplying power to the psychic system. Freud also claimed that the power is so called instinct and he has divided these instinct into two forms known as “life instinct” and “death instinct”. Nye (1992) states that instinct of life include hunger, thirst and sex to ensure the survival of human. However, for the death instinct it was associated with a tendency to destroy their lives or others. Based from this perspective of theory, the “Granny Ripper” clearly shown the sign and symptom that more toward to the “death instinct” as she destroy the lives of other when she killing them in the terrible way that the normal human or “non-criminal” person could not even dare to do

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